Just because you need a rental car, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. We understand that when it really matters, you need a rental car you can count on – for safety, style, comfort, performance and space - For both private or corporate rental.

Experience a rental service that will give you exactly what you need at remarkably competitive rates. Just don’t forget to bring it back!

All rentals are collected and returned from the Halesworth site.

Why should I rent ?

Customers look for different things when renting or buying a car. Maybe it’s the thrill of the ride, engine prowess, agility and road holding. Some customers may look for a relaxing, chill-out zone to retreat to when life takes an unexpected turn. Others simply look for a safe, lower cost, fuel-efficient and reliable drive with someone you can trust.

It fulfils a short term need for a slightly different style of car for a holiday or a relative staying with you.

What VEHICLES  ARE available ?

We have a wide range of models normally but subject to availability. We offer a range of cars and services which meet all sorts of requirements.

How long can I rent the car for ?

We can meet any of your rental needs, whether it’s renting a car for a day, a week, a month or a year, we can help. We’ll move mountains to meet your requirements.

Can I take the car abroad ?

Unfortunately not as standard but we can refer your request to our insurers. Clearly as Brexit unfolds the requirements will differ.

What’s included in the price ?

The prices you’ll receive are fully inclusive of VAT, fully comprehensive insurance, and unlimited mileage (subject to Terms & Conditions) with no hidden costs.

VEHICLES available from just £45 per day.

Deposits, Excesses and Damage Liability Waiver – see below

What ID do I need to rent a car ?

We hear too often about peoples poor experiences when renting cars. Some are fearful, others are rightfully scrupulous and all are careful. But we believe that rental should be a hassle free way of mobility.

So we promise you this:- we will be honest, straightforward, clear and precise. Spending as much time with you as needed to make sure you feel 100% comfortable when renting from us.

Prior to arrival to us you would be asked to bring your original full UK driving licence & National Insurance number to carry out a licence check, two forms for ID which could be your passport, utility bills and bank statements within 3 months old etc, plus a form of payment.

Can I have more than one driver ?

You are welcome to have a number of drivers insured to drive the car (subject to terms & condition). More information is available upon request.

Deposits and forms of payment

A deposit is taken against your credit card or debit card for security. Most forms of credit card are accepted however unfortunately cheque or cash payments are not accepted.

Excesses and damage liability waiver

If the worst should happen, and the car was to become damaged, you will be protected by insurance and as such will only be liable for the agreed insurance excess. An option of a Damage Liability Waiver is available to lower that excess through a slightly increased daily charge.

Insurance Excess is £1000 with Damage Waiver available at £5 per day to bring the excess down to £250.


Pre-payment of the estimated charge, including VAT, Damage Waiver Charge and Insurance excess deposit is required. Payment is accepted either by Credit Card, or Debit Card.


A minimum age of 25 and a maximum age of 70 apply. Special conditions and requirements apply to driver’s aged 21-24. Additional drivers must be approved at the time of hire. A clean, valid, full driving licence must have been held for at least 24 months and should be produced at the time of hire. Certain endorsements may be accepted (please contact the rental office to confirm these details). Only drivers approved by us at the time of the rental are permitted to drive the vehicles.

Extension of rental period

It is most important, should you wish to extend the rental beyond the agreed termination date or time, that the rental office at M.R. King & Sons is notified immediately, in order that the insurance cover may be extended and that the appropriate additional rental charge incurred can be calculated and agreed. The rental office will endeavour to accommodate your requirements but should they not be able to allow the extension, you must return the vehicle at the originally agreed date and time.

For more information, a quote or to book a Rental please contact Kim or Robert on:
Tel: 01986 874464
Fax: 01986 874564
Email: enquire@mrking.co.uk

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